A pet dog scratched a man. No bleeding. should we advised him for anti rabies vaccine? plz share your suggestions



If the dog was vaccinated then no need to be ARV given to victim. Just calendula Q washing. Is sufficient. If not then we should take first two doses of ARV then watch for dog. If ALL IS well then no need to be further dose

Scratching with nail may contain virus as like biting and saliva, I have heard about cases who are victims of rabies even with vaccinated dogs which was contacted with saliva, if something like nail scratch, bite or even saliva never fail to vaccinate rather than thinking whether it could contain virus or not let's be cautious and prevent.

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Be sure it was scratch only and not bite Tretment will vary according ly.

Sure sir. Scratch by nail

no.1- Inj.T.T. 1/2 ml N Sodhit kuchila powder 100 mg BD,8days is helpful.

Dressing with Mercurochrome .

Thank you so much Dr.Akshay sir

Yes of course...even if vaccinated.Give Ledum 10M wash with calendula...

Thank you sir

अगर कुत्ते को पहले ही वेकशीन लग चुकी है तो कोई चिंता नहीं करनी चाहिए

1 tab arogay verdhni vati two bd 2 syp shankhpuspi 10 ml two time daily

I agree with you @Dr.Akshay Ingole sir thank you.

Thank you

I agree with@Dr. Akshay Ingole sir thanku

Thank you
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