A young 30 year old male Complaining of fever ,cough, weight loss since 2 month.....past history of complete course ATT..... Sputum for AFB was negative...... He was treated on the the line of retreatment for PTB.....SM, INH, ETB, RMP, PZA. ( 5 drug regimen) .....After 3 months .. No fever, No cough., Weight gain.....Serial x-ray showed marked reduction in size of cavity in left infraclavicular region....For next 5 months RMP, INH, ETB will be given to him for complete cure.



HIV status of the patient to be clarify. MDR may be considered. why' DOT,protocol has not been followed as per the present guidelines. 2nd line of treatment may be tried if there is probability of MDR.

MDRTB is a lab based diagnosis,and not clinical one. Always do CBNAAT or LPA or conventional DST for FLD and decide depending upon the results.

In relapsed cases of TB, the treatment must be continued for a minimum of 12 months along with two new drugs. A high protein diet along with multivitamins containing Vit A and D3.

HIV status confirmation is ok. Considering MDR at this juncture probably not needed . can pend till completion of akt otherwise if repeat sputum comes positive then only...

first should complete akt

what is the question.

Continue treatment.


Past history of akt? is it relapse now? how many years after 1st treatment? relapse will need longer treatment including injectable

I have sent two X-ray at the interval of 3 months. There is marked reduction in size of cavity after 3 months ATT

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