15 days Infant with lesions since birth. dx & Rx ?


This pt has congenital cystic eyeball in rt eye as was evident in ultrasonography . Lt side is anophthalmic . This is a very rare condition .
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RE haemangioma or cystic eye ball.LE seems anophthalmos or enophthalmos
I agree with Dr. Praveen Kumar Singh
Is this really haemangioma? Dr. Harshad kindly comment on the character of this lesion Did you consider mri orbit?
OU: severe microphthalmos with OD Cystic lesion... Need OU USG...
Maldevelopment of eye ball with malignant in nature.
Congenital Lid haemangioma OD  Nd anophthalmos OS
Left eye is either anophthalmic or microphthalmic
Capillary hemangioma most probably
Lt eye lesion ?
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