h/o.multiple pustule over back side of neck for past 2 days,no h/o itching,burning sensation,but mild pain present..diagnosis plz...

D/d 1 seborrheic dermatitis 2 pyoderma Rx antibiotics orallyas well as local applicationof fucibactoint twicedaily
Thank u sir...
PSUEDOFOLLITIS (Re Penetration of Growing end of Hairs, causing irritation & infection.)
Seborrheoc dermatitis . Given codox-l clobact GM oint L/A
Contact dermatitis / allergic dermatitis
? Insect bite ? Allergic reaction
No sir...

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Tinea with secondary infection
K sir...
tenia with sec. infection
Insect bite dermatosis
Allergic dermatitis.
Allergic dermatitis
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