60 yrs/ F . c/ o mild p/r bleeding and burning sensation during defecation


A case of prolonged interoexternal haemorrhoids. Since 60 years , get a P/R done to rule out any rectal malignancy and if required A sigmoidoscopic examination. Surgery is required and haemorrhoidectomy to be done
3rd degree prolase. Give stiz bath then exscion o piles uner spinal A.
A case of internoexternal haemorrhoid.Please do a colonoscopy and if there is no growth then treat haemorrhoids.I treated few cases with injection sclerotherapy only successfully in 2 or 3 sittings.This is for opinion of all respected surgeons.
Anal prolapse.May chronic case of haemorrhoids.Surgical intervention is treatment of choice
Prolapsed haemorrhoids. Warts also noted. Surgical option as suggested
Prolapse piles haemorhoidectomy treatment of choice
Haemorrhoids with fissure in ano (chronic)
3 rd degree prolapse. She needs to surgery
Grade 3 prolapse with Hemmoroids
Prolapsed piles needs surgery
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