patient wants fixed prosthesis on 16 & 17...... how do u proceed technically....... thank u

rx 1)comfortable and economical solution is go for cast partial denture as it is planned better than rpd(treatment partial denture) and non invasive like implants so if medically compromised it's best. also can even plan for with precision attachment.
go for implant if possible n affordable.. or fpd wid support of 13,14, 13 will give good strength to fpd ..n more over d strength of supporting teeth should b more or equal to the teeth to b for replacing 2 molar must need 3 teeth
This case needs comprehensive Tx plan #16 implant #25-#27 evaluate old bridge If it is not good you can remove it and make implant to replace #26 and extract #27 and #28 #46 extract and replace it with implant
Get an iopa with 16 17 region. evaluate the bone height. If nt possible go for cbct. take medical history. N then go for implant. If needed do sinus lift but u have to replace 46 also.
cbct not available here in my place, I think bone is enough to not to do sinus lift.... what say u

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cantilever may not withstand the occlusal and masticatory forces that well. if economically pt can afford go implant is best other wise better give RPD
cantilevering molars will not give a long term solution. either bridge will get decemented frequently or abutment teeth will get over loaded
hi doc i think in the region of 16 and 17 bone height is good enough immediate loading basal pterygoid implant can be used
plz proceed with ur protocols...
if general health is good then go fir implants n if not go for RPD . In such cases FPD creates problem more often
Hlw sir .. first I think fpd #14 15 16 17. is better.. second intensional rct #14 15 followed by fpd.
rx 2) go with implants if everything is bone factor s and general health factors
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