27 yrs Male Patient Dx of Infertility 1 degree x5yrs He was taking Allopathic medicine No Hx of DM HTN Thyroid Dysfunction Varicocele Hydrocele Scrotal injury o/E male external Genitalia Good kindly give valuable opinion and Treatment for Severe Oligospermia


Shodhan is vry much imp in ch cases to channelise the srotas After shodhan u can start with Chandarprabha vati Dhatupaushtik churan Sidhmakardwajh Kaunchbeej Pak Musli pak Ashwagandha churna
Nicely explained sir

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BP and Thyroid should be mentained by homoeopathic medicines Sex is under mental disease It has agreat value dont miss case taking Patient must needed similimum on the basis of peculiarity and totality of symptoms Dont choose medicine roughly for the future of homoeopathic practice Be aware......be alert
tab fertyl m od2) tab productive gold bd 3) cap evion od inj testesterone majoone shabab awar bd dose or majoone khasul khas bd dose. pls advice this exercise also
Oligoasthenospermia can ve easily treated wth homoeopathy Apart from constitutional rx u can think of tribulus Q and sarasparilla Q wth acid phos 1M /once in 15 days
Dear Sir Thanks for your valuable opinion Can u explain this treatment
Avoid smoking, tea alcohol and spicy, junk food. Use black gram pulse processed in cow ghee. Tab.speman 2-2-2 siddha makardhavaj 1-0-1 for three months.
You can advise for Shukra Matrika Vati 1 tab BD Shilajitwadi Gutika 1 tab BD Dhatu Poshtika Churna + Kaunch Paak Ashwagandharisht Shatavari Kalpa
Thanks sir

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बीज पुष्टि रस 1 गोली सुबह, शाम , ( सांडू) 3 माह तक सायरप अश्वगंधारिष्ट 4चम्मच सुबह शाम पानी से कौंच चूर्ण 2 चम्मच सुबह शाम दुध से
Dear Doctor Can u sent english
Shweta musali Gokshura Ashwagandha Shilajitu Kapikacchu churnas mixed in equal quantity 1tsp Bid with milk
Thank you for valuable opinion
adv this exercise also
Rx Tab Asabool 1 BD + Tab Confido 1 BD x 1 month Syp Gernyde 2 TSF BD all with milk Halwa Sparipak 1 TSF BBF with milk Contact me after taking the medicine in proper times. Avoid ginger fast food, alcohol, excessive tea
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