4 year female child weight 14 kg with c/o of swelling in oral cavity, as shown in photo. same complaint in before 3 month ago . please guide .


Age is 4 yrs?? I can see the incisors..... Mucosa is red.... Ulcerative..... Take a detailed history...... Check for any immuno compromised status.. ... This may be tubercular abcess or osteomyelitis or herpetic gingivo-stomatitis..... .... Go for cbc esr & viral markers .....
How did the same complaint 3months back go? Looks child has put something Hot stuff & bruised... Soft palate too Looks red...inflammatory.ulcerative, edematus. It's not unilateral... Pls elicit history. Orabase ointment. Mucopain Should go in 7-10days
Same complaint as now.

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Hi I think it may be some kind of viral infection because seeing the image there is cluster of ulcers and the there is all signs of inflammation too.or it can be due to some other oral habits which is creating trauma please collect complete history and also suggest a blood test
Cytomegalovirus infection, necrotising sialometaplasia and mucormycosis are the differential diagnoses. Please check HIV and other immunocompromised status. Please post the histopathological diagnosis.
Syp augmentin duo 5ml TDs ×7days Syp ibugesic plus 3.5ml TDs ×7day Syp a to z 5ml. Bd. × 7days Sup omnacortil 2.5 ml TDs × 7days & tappering dose Zytee local application
But what about diagnosis?

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Pt lks like animic..... Recurrent stomatitis Adv bcomplex syrup.... With corticosteroid.... Mucoain gel for local application Cheek for systemic disese... Any history of fever?
Oral ulcerations. Amoxyclav+high dose lycopene+ multivitamins+clenora gel (locally applied). for 7 days
Take the biopsy to reach the diagnosis
I think its not simple aphthous ulcers...

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She isn't 4 yr old...
Check for hiv
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