Abdominal pain And tenderness

Male pt of age 45 comes in opd Chief Complaints Abdominal pain Fever History History of chronic alcohol drinking History of taking medication for same since 5 days but not relief. Vitals Bp:110/60 Pulse:65 Temp:101 Physical Examination Abdominal tenderness present Mild pitting edema over right leg Investigations Cbc: Hb:10.2 TLC:22200 Esr:50 Lymphocyte:10 Neutrophil:84 Lft:Bili:1.6 Sgot;94 Sgpt:115 Usg: Pus filled in right lobe and left lobe of liver Measuring : 20 cc to 150 cc Mild ascitis. Dated 01/03/2021 Diagnosis Liver abcess with mild ascitis Management I give Inj metrogyl infusion 500 mg +500 mg twice a day Inj monocef 1g bd Inj pan Inj emeset Tab:mefenamic acid for fever After 3 days of tt fever reduce to 99 to 100 range Abdominal pain reduce Tendernessreduced Need valuable opinion. For further treatment



What was the colour of aspirate Leucocytosis Liver abscess Deranged LFTS Jaundice+ Pt is alcoholic Inj Ceftriaxozone Inj ondestron Inj pantaprazole Inj dexamethasone Inj dihydroemetine Inj paracetamol Inj lasix Iv fluids Therapy needs to continue for 7to14 days With monitoring

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Dear Dr. Shoaib Aslam Sir, Advice for the case. Tab. Anand Bhairav Ras 1 tds.


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