Abdominal pain and tenderness

Female patient of age 19 comes in opd with complain of on/off abdominal pain and fever since two months Chief Complaints Fever on off Loose stool Abdominal pain whole abdomen History Married three months ago History of taking medication for same problem since two months from somewhere but condition not relief. Vitals Bp; 120/70 Pulse: 72 Physical Examination Anemia Tender abdomen Investigations Cbc:dated(12/09/2020) hb:10.2 Platelets:1.5 Esr:40 Lft: sgot/sgpt slight rise Kft: normal Temprature: 98.4 (22/09/2020) Widal: 1/80 ++. 1/160 + Usg dated(08/08/2020) Grade one fatty liver Mild gaseous distended small bowel loops seen in lower abdomen Diagnosis Widal?? Gastroenterititis?? Management Need to be discuss



Abdominal tuberculosis is the most logical diagnosis- and most Likely ileo - caecal tuberculosis. Findings in favour of ABDOMINAL TUBERCULOSIS. 1.Abdominal pain for 2 months 2.Fever 2 months 3.Abdominal tenderness 4.Anaemia , loose stools 5.ESR - 40 6.USG - shows gaseous distended small intestinal loops D/D 1.Inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn 's or ulcerative colitis 2.Irrritable bowel syndrome 3.Recurrent Typhoid fever - may be harboring organisms in gall bladder Further investigations required to arrive at a diagnosis 1.A CECT abdomen 2 Colonoscopy 3.Barium meal follow,through study

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Pt having fever off and on with pain abdomen for 2 months. If it would has been due to typhoid firbtwo months Spleen would be palpable USG mild gaseous distension if small bowel Causes may be A. Tuberculous enteritis or ileo caecal tuberculosis B. Inflammatory bowel disease like crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis C irritable bowel syndrome Sigmoidoscopy and biopsy for HPE. Barium follow through.


Dear Dr. Shoaib Aslam Sir, Advice for the case. Tab. Anand Bhairav Ras 1 tds.

Tb abdomen? Get cect abdomen done for better picture

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