Acute abdomen with Gas under diaghram. what is diagnosis and it's treatment



Perforation peritonitis, advised emergency laprotomy.

gangrenous perforated Appendix laparotomy. resection anastomosis requires.

This is a rare case of mesentric jejunal diverticular perforation. Managed with emergency bowel resection.

perforal peritonitis . do immediate laprotomy.

perforation viscous

in the picture I can perforation with bile staining. could it be duodenal ulcer perforation ?

It is Mesentric jejunal diverticular petforation

This a rare mesentric jejunal diverticular perforation and resection and anastomosis adviced.

it is a case of perforated gangrenous appendix. may

Duodenal perforation, requires exploratory laparotomy, suturing of perforation, peritoneal toilet, closure after keeping drainage tube.

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