Viral Hepatitis

Acute Viral hepatitis under Ix. Chief Complaints A 50 yr old female has come with complains of yellowish discoloration of urine and eyes for past 4 days and dull pain over both Right n left hypochondrium and fever. No associated chills or rigor, vomiting, discoloration of stool, pruritus, abdominal swelling, any history of blood transfusion or any past history of jaundice. No H/O HTN, DM, Thyroid disorder, Substance Abuse etc. No Menstrual bleeding since 3 months. O/E pt had Icterus and palpable both lobes of liver. Liver span not measured. LFT reports showing raised SGPT, SGOT, T bil,D bil, Ind bil, normal Alp suggestive of Hepatocellular jaundice along with cholestasis due to viral Hepatitis. USG W/A, HbSAG and anti HCV has been advised. Conservative Mx has been started.



Rx Meftal spas TDS Livolexin syrup Hepakind 150 BD Livomac 250 BD Nurokind gold cap OD


Helpful. Thank you for posting.

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