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adult male with these lesions on back from last 2 months with pruritis please suggest dx and rx

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? Truncal acne.

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Truncal acne vulgaris Cap Doxt 1 100 mg BD x 15 days Tab Atarax 25 BD x 7 days Azelaic acid 20% gel Tretinoin cream for LA Multivitamins & antioxidant & Evion 400mg Maintain personal hygiene Improve general Improve general Intake Plenty of more water orally Avoid oily and spicy food Uses Fibres Green leaf vegetables and fruits

? Truncal acne.

Remove the ? Mark, yes it's a case of Truncal acne

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Tnx a lot Dr Rumi Mandal madam..

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Pityrosporum folliculitis Erythematous follicular papules acne form

Scabies, permethrin lotion, soap antihistomonics, ivermectol, hygiene, antoxidants

Truncal Acne

Scabies / Acne (??)

Truncal acne

Truncal Acne

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