Advanced open-angle glaucoma case

An 85 y/o male diagnosed with advanced open-angle glaucoma in both eyes for uncontrolled IOP despite medicines and previous laser treatment. His ocular history included elevated myopia and epiretinal membrane in both eyes, not clinically significant in the right eye, while significant in the left eye. BCVA was 20/22–20/25 in the right eye with a myopic correction (–3.50 to 0.75/105°) and 20/200 weak in the left eye with a myopic correction (–14.00 spherical D). What are your comments on the case?


Fig. 1 Choroidal venous congestion in the right eye fundus . Oct showing choroidal venous congestion. glaucoma patients, choroidal effusion is mostly due to changes of differential pressure between the inside of the eyes and the inside of the vessels together with proinflammatory conditions.

What is the IOP now? OCT showing choroidal folds. ? Hypotony maculopathy

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