The triad of Urethritis + Arthritis + Conjunctivitis = ?


This is Classical Reiter's Syndrome. Usually affects young males. Caused by unknown bacteria, Usually Chlamidia. This is a reactive Arthritis of autoimmune reaction that reacts to infection. Associated with gastro intestinal infections like Shigella Salmonella Campylobacter.
Reiters syndrome etiology 1. genitourinary infection with chlamydia 2. gastrointestinal infection with salmonella and campylobacter Salient features 1. Seronegative arthropathy 2. HLA B27 Positive 3. Traid of conjunctivitis, urethritis and arthritis . Dermatological manifestation: keraroderma blenorragicum. Treatment oral doxycycline or macrolides
rieter syndrome.
Reiter's syndrome is a triad of Urethritis, arthritis and conjunctivitis.
Reiter's Syndrome
Reiter's syndrome.
Reiter's syndrome
Rieter syndrome.
Reiter syndrome
reiter syndrome
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