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patient cured successfully

Age : 22 Male Teeth paining on affected area since 2 days. Please suggest Rx and Dx?



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Belladonna30-4times a day. Plantain Q external.

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Plantago mother is helpful for pain but should consult with dental surgeon

Crown of tooth decayed. Kreosote Q externally. Internally merc-sol 30tds

Belladonna30-4times a day. Plantain Q external.

In globues form belladona

RX Belladonna 30 qid Plantago Q external apply DX Carries of tooth

Marc sol 200

Crown of teeth decay , Kreozote mother tincture for local application and merc sol and Hypericum 30 three times aday

Kreosotum 200 Hekla lawa 200

Dental caries Use plantago major mother tincture 10drop TDS Consult to dental surgeon

Staphi, coffea for pain

Pyroginum 1 M every 30 day OD Plantago 30 BD Belladonna 30 BD

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