age 26 yr Wt112kg,Bp 140/75 mmHg Pulse 85 /min. No.Thyroid ,No diabetes,treatment?




What a life style may be ? At this age.OMG. However keep on upwas & on liquid as can possible. Medoher guggal+Verdhivatica vati bd.empity stomuk. After diet Trifla guggal,Punnervadi Mandoor & Arogyavardhni vati with Punnervarisht+Kumarya Asav. Yoga Adam under expert guidness.As diet as per nature 5 to8 kg can reduced with in one month . Also can added Naturopathy for quic rolls.

Thank you doctor

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Calcaria Carb 1 M monthly × 3 dose Phytolacca beri Q 10 drops BD

Exercise Proper diet Reduce wt Medohar guggulu

Thank you doctor

डॉ मुद्गल जी का कथन सत्य है।

Classical Virechana ,Yoga basti with proper Diet and Exercises.... Advise ABD pelvic scan and Lipid profile...

Thank you doctor

Medicine as per mudgal sir best Proper diet and exercise definitely help, in exercise yoga, and cycling all should be give good results...

I suggest the"dr.vishwaswaroop chaudhary diet plan" .It cures the not onlyB.P. but also losing weight .

For what??

First shift on diet plan as your choice Grephites 0/1 Od for long term Cal carb 1M every 15 days But best suitable constitutional medicine one dose

Rx Cal carb 200 Phytolacca berry Q may be helpful

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