age 3 days ...use baby Johnson oil and wear clothes then get infection. ..rx & dx?



I think it is neonatal pustulosis, a sterile condition, no need to give antibiotics. However, if the number of lesions are > 10, should go for sepsis screen.

I don't think it is related to topical application . DDs : Erythema toxicum neonatorum, neonatal pustulosis

Folliculitis with umbilical hernia wait for 6 month or periporitis

Rashmi Singh

Fever?Looks like erythema toxicum,use milder products like tedibar n stop oil massage,use local mupirocin if needed

impetigo,oral antibiotics c local mupirocine.if baby is sick look,do sepsis screen.

Yes neonetal pustulosis self limiting disease Sprinkler Neosprin powder Doctors spirit application .

pustular rashes stop oiling massage daily wash with water inj cefantral 125mg I'm bd for 5 days

1. neonatal pustulosis ...usually benign & self limiting condition

pustular eruptions cefadroxil drop. antihistamine. mupirocin locally

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