After shocks after meningitis

age,60yrfemale has gone different episode, first, Bacterial meningitis,then operated for mastoiditis,then Hemiparesis,then, frozen shoulder,then Vertigo long(lateralcanal positional Vertigo),it's subsided, now she is on Telmesertan 40mg,od,+Livotricetam 500,od+clobezam 5mg,od science one&half year. mental weakness, lethargy,confusion, present now how much time, We continue Livotricetam & frisium5mg, no scizer s now,? from Nurophysician Advice continue itfor 3yrs.@Dr. Saumya Mittal


Thanks for the reference Dr@Ram Gupta . However further details are needed. First and foremost what was the cause of hemiparesis? Second what was the time distribution between meningitis and hemiparesis? Third, what were the symptoms in meningitis? Did she ever develop seizures? Was mastoiditis related to meningitis? Are you sure vertigo was BPPV and not another subtle central vascular event? And what's the cause evaluated for current mental weakness, lethargy, confusion? What exactly do you mean by mental weakness? Why is she on 2 antiepileptic medicines? If she actually did develop a seizure, what was the semiology?

Thanks sir, soon I will provide details, as you convey me, Thanks again sir

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