Aged 2 years purchased 30 days ago said to be mated 65 days back not pregnant now it is having bloody diarrhoea blood in vomitus what could be the cause it was given inj ranitidine inj enrofloxacin inj RL treated for Haemorrhagic Gastro Enteritis



enteritis condition give inj stemetil I'm inj aciloc im inj cyclopam im inj batropose im inj metrocip iv 40 to 50ml inj febrinil im inj intacef tejo im or iv tab doron-o tab norflox tab aciloc ro orar electol

Doc can be pyometra..these signs are seen very less frequently but can be, do physical exam in females from vulvar side..a clue will be there for gynecological interference

as the details are not much we can conclude that it might be parvo infection or it can be heavy hookworms infestation first deworm it and then go for parvo infection treatment ...I will go with 200 ml RL bd injection intacef 500 mg inj.pantaprazol ,stemetil and polybion ..can go for chrome 1 ml ....give orally sharcoferol pet ...other wise it will be anemic

botropase 1ml IV , ceft-tazo 500mg IV,vomikind oraly,rantac ,ondonsteron IV,metris IV,sucraflate oral,

sir, kindly try Homoeopathic medicines, Ipecacunha 30 & Podophyllum30 at the intervals of 30 mins, if diarrhoea & Bloody vomiting still persisting. confirm about all necessary vaccinations including Corona is done at proper times. kindly let me know the progress.

May I add leptandra

nsaid induced gastric ulcer

treat. symptomatically,Rl,DNS,Metrogyl,amoxicillin rantitide and perinorm as per body weight

What about Temp,?

it may be case of parvoviral hemorrhagic gastroenteritis . try this inj. oflaxacin +ornidazole 100ml I/v inj. womikind I/v inj.DNS , orally griptol n syrup bid for 3to 5 days

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