Common cold for last 3 days with low grade fever 2 days ago, improving on syp wikoryl, got incidental screening of urine , for routine monthly screening in view of asymptomatic improving bilateral congenital hydronephrosis in a 3 and half year old male kid. Earlier routine investigations a few months ago were unremarkable except for moderate iron deficiency anemia. Report done today morning fasting sample is attached. Kindly comment and guide further work up including if it could be due to RTI or drugs wikoryl here, and it's importance in view of past history, if and when it should be repeated etc, Chief Complaints RTI recent History Normal milestones and daily activities and no decreased urine output Physical Examination No features of fluid overload


I have an ayurvedic combination for Covid-19 type virus,I tried it so many +ve cases,with 2-3doses patient feels recovery from all symp

For common cold and low grade fever Ayurvedic medicine like 1.Sitopaladi churna 1/2tsf with honey three times daily after food can be given.

Sitopladi Churan 500mg bd with honey for 5(five) days only, all are ok within this period

Just start antibiotic cefuroxime 250mg bd Syp ibuprofen or pcm + cpm Include ghee in meal Drink plenty of water Eat fiberous and light food Child will be alright totally

RTI- Tab. Cefaxim 200 mg BD. Tab. Tab. Ebastin 20 mg OD. Tab. Paracetamol 500 Mg SOS.

कृपया आयु स्पष्ट करे।नेफ्रो से भी परामर्श करे।

Once should consult with nephrologist

Even fever can lead to protienuria . N it's not a nephrotic range protienuria . Well if renal function test are normal . Just relax .

Thank you doctor

Can get 24 hour urine protein quantification ..

Thank you doctor

Not significant albuminuria . Moreover, resolving congenital hydronephrosis does not albuminuria. It could be incidental finding as well. Congenital hydronephrosis may cause proteinuria only in cases of renal involvement. To rule out nephrotic syndrome, watch for other signs & symptoms then only repeat. You can also take help of paediatric surgeon for better opinion . As the symptoms are resolving , you dont need to do any work up further.... Rest ,you can refer the patient to a local paediatrician...

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