alcoholic female pt this type of lesion it's vitamin deficiency?



DD would be Pellagra, Icthyosis, treat with Niacin, moisturizer emolients

Yuvraj sir how to differentiate icthyosis from pellagra

distribution. . pellagra is mostly on sun exposed parts.. extensor surface of arms hands legs n feet.. and face and classic necklace pattern. . also the lesion per se is different. There are fish like scales in ichthyosis. . In pellagra there are hyperkeratotic scaly hyper pigmented plaques. . and such severe ichthyosis is generally inherited. . acquired one is generally milder

Alcohol consumption worsen ichthyosis

thiamine deficiency , due to alcohol. pls give him injection thiamine I/M . as well multivitamine .


Icthydosis, rx emollient

Thanks sir


pellagra due to niacin Def.

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