alleged h/o fall from tractor before 20 days suture done but for the healing what should do??? no any other complain



Continue treatment, body will take care, Doctors job is to remove obstacles in nature.

give Calendula Q, 10 drops with 10ml of warm water for cleaning xBD with Calendula 6 , 1 drop TD for 2 week

Refer this case for surgical management.... patients needs grafting

Grafting may be needed. Refer to a Plastic Surgeon Thanks

Grafting required.

Adv broad spectrum antibiotic dressing properly

1. Arqiva Mont 200. Once daily in morning. 2. Silicea 30. Thrice daily.

female baby advice cosmatic surgery

Dressings SSG may be needed

Arnica 200 (1) dose Sil 12x 4 pills 5 days tds Dressing with Callendulla Q twice in a day

Thank you doctor

Nat sulph 200 for Effects and injury to head from fall along with calendula 30 internally and ointment locally to Promote rapid & healthy granulation tissue formation and healing.

Thank you doctor
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