Allergic bronchitis prognosis and treatment

Patient is 23y.o female that presented with low grade temperature, anterior midline chest pain and bilateral posterior thorax pain, productive cough, SOB, fatigue, change in appetite, difficulties sleeping, and general malaise. Patient has past medical history of Bronchits and Pneumonia. Patient is current on Zirthro 250 mg on day 4 , Qvar 500mcg , albuterol 90mcg and 2.5/3ml via neb PRN, 10 ml bromfed q4h , 10 mg singular nightly and 60mg prednisone x 3 days and taper down 10 mg on day 12. Zithro was started to cover mycoplasma infection due recent positive contact. Patient works in Medical office and in constant contact with infectious pathogens. Patient is states symptoms are worsening and was cefdinir to cover broader spectrum of bacterial infection now already covered by Zithro. Most recent dx Bronchitis with asthmatic exacerbation. Most recent b/p have been elevated as per patient. Normal B/P 100-110/60-80. Most recent 130-138/88-96 pulse of 118-120bpm and Sp02 ranging from 92-98. Thoughts on dx , differential dx.



Xray chest shows prominent bronchovascular markings bilateral History suggest tubercular infection BP quoted is in normal range Adv BAL and send for PCR to r/o AFB

Thanx dr Pushkar Bhomia

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Adv Sputum examination in detail. Bacterial AFB culture sensitivity test. Supportive treatment with bronchodilators mucolytics oxygen support.

Needs further investigations and evaluation to conclude diagnosis and treatment plan. Continue same treatment till reports complied.

Thanks Dr Sandeep Ghodekar

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Allergic bronchitis on account of Lower Respiratory Infection. Bronchodilator + Steroid inheler.

R/O Sarcoidosis

Allergic Bronchitis

Calcified hilar Lymph nodes, Increased bronchovascular markings both bases, more on the right side Suggest HRCT, Sputum for AFB and CBNATT, GRAMS, Use of oral steroid may be counter productive, and hence withdrawn . Broad spectrum Cephalosporins or Azithromycin IV may be more effective .

Allergic bronchitis

Needs further evaluation

Tnx sir

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