Anaemia with deranged LFTs - Part 2 ((GBP - Mixed Malaria))

(((Check attached case below))) I am unable to attach, please check my case with similar title So the 21 year old boy brought his peripheral blood smear report which showed mixed malaria Pathologist added that upon using rapid diagnostic test for Malarial parasite detection, it was negative. It was only upon GBP she found mixed malaria Management I have started the treatment for the same with Artesunate 120 stat, then after 12 hours, followed by last 120mg dose after 24 hours of first dose, then will start oral ACT in BD for 3 days, Advised already syp sorbilin, Glucon D, Usibon 150 BD Kindly guide if anything else needs to be done in this case




Unusual presentation of malaria. Thank you for sharing the case, sir. Partly confirming with serum LDH. G6PD levels before primaquine. Artesunate at 0, 12,24,48 hours then ACT. Management plan is accurate.

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