Anyone knows homeopathic remedy made from chhoti elaichi (Elettaria).



Bestseller potencies > Cardamomum C200 Globuli (Dilution) > Cardamomum C30 Globuli (Dilution) > Cardamomum C6 Globuli >Cardamomum 1MK Globuli > Cardamomum D12 Globuli

Elettaria cardamomum used for indigestion, digestive system

Unproved / partially proved remedies have little use in homeopathy. Or they can be used if all other polycrest remedies are ruled out. Homeopathic Indian remedies are usually not too effective. The Indian provers seems to have ignored that best remedies are NOT prepared from medicinal herbs but from noxious minerals, poisons and substances harmful to the health in their primary effects.

Elettaria cardamomum


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