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apical periodontitis

a 27 year old patient having pain in the lower Right back tooth region pain is severe and intermittent and aggravates on eating and relief on medication Chief Complaints patient have pain in the lower right back tooth region History no relevant history Vitals normal Physical Examination top +ve wrt 37 Investigations iopa wrt 37 Diagnosis apical periodontitis w.rt.38 Management what is the treatment?


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Root canal treatment after antibiotics Then crowning

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Root canal treatment after antibiotics Then crowning

Can't say anything without a radiograph, And patient is having pain on right side , u have recorded findings for left side Plz check

Please upload IOPAR too. and I think the tooth number is 47. Root canal Treatment followed by Crown.

Advice- IOPA Medicine - antibiotic, analgesic,DSR Treatment Root canal treatment

Distally involved tooth Need Iopa Look case of Ch Dentoalveroabcess Rct May needed

Your presentation is confusing. Please present clearly.

Rx Tab Augmentin duo 625 bd × 3 days Tab Zerodol Sp bd × 3days Cap vizylac od Warm saline garles tds

If it is 47 Iowa Rct

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