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ARTHRITIS Clinical arthritis. Deformans : Caust Clinical rheumatoid arthritis : Ferr-pic,methyl-bl,sal-ac Locomotor rheumatism, arthritis, chronic, secondary to uterine : Caul, cimx, puls, sabin Locomotor rheumatism, paralytic arthritis : Caust, lath, phos Knees drawing, pain arthritic : Sep Murphy – knees arthritis, nodosities : Bufo, calc, led, nux-v Arthritic nodosities painful : Arn, led, nit-ac Arthritic nodosities wrist back of : Petr Extremity pain Drawing foot arthritic : Arg-n Extremity pain Tearing leg arthrit.ic : Sil Extremity pain Tearing foot back of arthritic : Sil Upper extremities Nodes, arthritic, arms : Ant-c, ars, calc, graph, lyc, nit-ac, staph Lower extremities Nodes, arthritic :Ant-c, cic, rhus-t, staph Inflammatory rheumatism, pleurodynia, sciatica and other neuralgias : Gaultheria Rheumatism; darting pains in almost every part; stiffness of joints;parts sore to touch; worse, motion. Chronic rheumatism. Shifting pains.[puls.; kali sulph.] Psoriasis. Enlarged and inflamed gouty finger joints. Synovitis. Rheumatic pains in calves of legs : Stellaria media Fingers swell. Blood vessels burst in fingers. Rheumatism of the wrists. Wrists and ankles immobile. Pain shoots up and down leg. Stabbing pain hip. Cramps in leg at night. Osteo-arthritis knees. Left hip fixed arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis, knees and ankles. Feet painful. Gout in left toe : Bacillus No. 7 Tenderness coccyx. Rheumatism of thigh. Rheumatoid arthritis left knee Paronychia : Bacillus no.10 Arthritic nodosities condyles, on : Calc-p Arthritic nodosities headache, with : Eup-per Arthritic nodosities weather, from change of : Kali-ar Arthritic nodosities finger joints gouty : Stel Swelling general arthritic : X-ray Arthritic nodosities toes fibrous, of first toe : Rhod Arthritic nodosities leg tibia : Calc-f, sul-i



Informative post, it helps during prescription of arthritis cases but all the general symptoms should be considered carefully in selection of similimum

Arthritis after suppressed bleeding piles...Abrotanum...arthritis with or after diarrhoea...nat.sulph...kali there r a long list of arthritis. Select with law...

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Plantago and Terebinth are also effective medicine for Arthritis in all cases.

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