What will be prognosis of Ascites? What should be best Rx?

[ASCITES IN MALE DOG] ■Offeed, normal temp, oligouria




Please go for estimation of CBC, LFT,RFT and TP and if possible abdominal scan for establishing diagnosis Parental fluids (crystalloid), diuretics, vit. C, amoxy/doxy, liver support with LOLA( L ornithine L aspartame), protein diet (to help settle hypoproteneima if there), multivitamins should form the mainstay of Rx

Treatment Inj lassix 2mg/kg 4hrs interval QID for 3-5days Later on decrease the frequency and dose of drug Don't tap ascitis Upto 2weeks u can give There is no imbalance of potassium because its interstitial fluid Even relieved after 3-4days should use drug for minimum 7days

Prognosis and Rx will depend upon aetiology.If Rx done as per aetiology the animal will survive, but will take time.

What is the line of treatment Sir

Ascitis due to kidney problem in less conditions

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