Ayurveda has been saying this since the beginning but we blindly follow Allopathy and disrespect our own health science AYURVEDA Cholesterol is finally officially removed from Naughty List The US government has finally accepted that cholesterol is not a _nutrient of concern_. doing a U-turn on their warnings to us to stay away from high-cholesterol foods since the 1970s to avoid heart disease and clogged arteries. This means eggs, butter, full-fat dairy products, nuts, coconut oil and meat have now been classified as safe and have been officially removed from the _nutrients of concern_ list. The US Department of Agriculture, which is responsible for updating the guidelines every five years, stated in its findings for 2015: "Previously, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommended that cholesterol intake be limited to no more than 300 mg/day. "The 2015 DGAC will not bring forward this recommendation because available evidence shows no appreciable relationship between consumption of dietary cholesterol and serum (blood) cholesterol, consistent with the AHA/ACC (American Heart Association / American College of Cardiology) The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee will, in response, no longer warn people against eating high-cholesterol foods and will instead focus on sugar as the main substance of dietary concern. US cardiologist Dr Steven Nissen said: _It's the right decision_. _We got the dietary guidelines wrong. They've been wrong for decades_." "When we eat more foods rich in this compound, our bodies make less. If we deprive ourselves of foods high in cholesterol - such as eggs, butter, and liver - our body revs up . The Real Truth about Cholesterol The majority of the cholesterol in you is produced by your liver. Your brain is primarily made up from cholesterol. It is essential for nerve cells to function. Cholesterol is the basis for the creation of all the steroid hormones, including estrogen, testosterone, and corticosteroids. High cholesterol in the body is a clear indication which shows the liver of the individual is in good health. Dr. George V. Mann M.D. associate director of the Framingham study for the incidence and prevalence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and its risk factors states: _Saturated fats and cholesterol in the diet are not the cause of coronary heart disease_. _That myth is the greatest deception of the century, perhaps of any century_ Cholesterol is the biggest medical scam of all time There is no such thing as bad Cholesterol So you can stop trying to change your Cholesterol level. Studies prove beyond a doubt, cholesterol doesn't cause heart disease and it won't stop a heart attack. The majority of people that have heart attacks have normal cholesterol levels. OUR BODY NEEDS 950 mg OF CHOLESTEROL FOR DAILY METABOLISM AND THE LIVER IS THE MAIN PRODUCER. ONLY 15% OF CHOLESTEROL IS BEING DONATED BY THE FOOD WE EAT. If the fat content is less in our food we eat, our liver Got to work more to maintain the level at 950 mg. If the cholesterol level is high in our body, it shows the liver is working perfect. Experts say that there is nothing like LDL or HDL. ………….. ….. Cholesterol is not found to create block any where in human body. Please post the recent facts about CHOLESTEROL



Many Allopathic drugs are derived from plants, unfortunately in Ayurveda research work is lacking, so many of us didn't believe Ayurveda, promote research work in Ayurveda, it will be helpful.

Yes sir more research is needed

in olden time people's were motto" DEVU (remain deficient site of economy) Kari ne GHEE pivo (drink-not eat) but at that time every thing is to do manually NO, machinery was available till the WHEEL is invented.Now a days we hardly do any effort to burn our CALORY- hence all about cholesterol is present is correct other wise out pts will stop exercie (PARISHRAM)-to burn calory and we have more CVS pts-even ourself also

we believe the things when some foreign country like USA or UK tells us something and we don't believe our old science which is the oldest medical science in the world having 5000 years long history. all need is research in ayurveda with documentary evidence. I have read it on whatsapp few months back. thanks for sharing

Very important to be more experiment and research on this chapter .Humanity is first & foremost to be served .Mam ,thanks ,all the pathy have only one motto ,the best way service of humanity. thanks again Mam.

Very important to be more experiment and research on this chapter .Humanity is first & foremost to be served .Mam ,thanks ,all the pathy have only one motto ,the best way service of humanity. thanks again Mam.

Thanks a lot mam for sharing such a good article.

Dr Swathi thanks for sharing very nice information

every time ayurvedmay not b correct to the best of my knowledge cholesterol & its level was always debatable. juggling was claimed for benefit of pharmaceutical cos

sorry ayurveda is always correct. wr are responsible as we have lack of knowledge and it is our fault. Ayurveda is just like ocean and we know just a drop of it

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you r exactly right Dr. Aniruddha Lele. We lack the knowledge of interpretation of Ayurveda. Its always believed when new thesis comes from western world and later it becomes a hypothesis.

exactly .we have very less knowledge of ayurveda. tridosha,trimal,sapta dhatu is base/foundation of ayurveda which has not changed for past 5000 years. ayurveda tells you when and how to get up in morning till you go to sleep.it tell everything and exprimented only on human beings since begining. concept of prevention is better than cure is derived only from ayurveda( ) so believe in ayurveda undoubtedly it is tje greatest science in the world
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