54 year old female presents with cough and sob since 3 weeks.

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rt pneumonitis... trachea shifted to right probably old Koch's . I don't think dese are miliary shadows. give emperical antibiotics.. consider att according to sputum afb
right side hemidiaphragm elevated can be a case of right sided phrenic nerve injury causing right sided hemidiaphragmatic paralysis
Right lung fibrosis with pleural thickening with mediastinal shifting so HRCT THORAX and sputum for AFB should be done
Sorry incomplete answer.. There is a cut in the 9th rib posteriorly.. Cause?
Miliary pulmonary koch's with consololidation right, advised AKT.
Its not military tb. There is patchy consolidation with segmental collapse of right middle and lower lobes leading to elevation of the right hemidiaphragm. Pneumonitis is suspected.. but preceding foreign body inhalation leading to endobronchial blockage and distal collapse is a strong possibility.
Trachea shifted towards rt side Rt costal region hazy with diaphragm pulled up and along the right cardiac border hazy too Lt lung hyperinflated COPD Emphysema with? PTB sequele and pl thickening
it cud b right upper lobe segmental collapse wid middle lobe collapse..wid shifting of hz fissure n juxtaphrenic peak..go for CECT thorax to rule out any malignancy..
Right side lung was collapsed either due to TB, or pneumonitis.... Heart was also shifted to right along with trachea... Also slight scoliosis also seen
right mastectomy secondary to ca breast.. right intrabronchial mass lesion..could be Mets causing collapse consolidated RLL with left hilar adenopathy..
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