62 y male C/o severe dysnea since two hours Known case of COPD / DM/HTN Interpret CXR and give differential diagnosis . On arrival BP-180/110 Pulse -136 RR - 34 ABG - WNL


Scoliosis convexity towards left,bil diffuse parenchymal reticulonoduler pattern seen. Bronchiectasis at rt apical mid zone and left lower zone.left sided rib crowding. Rt sided Emphysema could be a cause of pneumothorax and acute severe dyspnea.rt sided icd in situ.
Scoliosis with Bil reticulonodular pattern suggestive of ILD with pneumothorax Rt , ICD in situ , control hypertension
As per my mind..sir ur answer is most appropriate up to now
Scoliotic deformity of Spine B/l extensive Reticulonodular pattern with Honeycombing/Cystic changes... ILD with acute Pneumothorax probably due to damaged lung tissue... Urgent ICU admission
Keep in mind cardiac oedema slso
RT pneumothorax with icd in situ Looks like ILD picture Worsened by pneumothorax or superseded infection likely Still do 2d echo and ABG
Scoliosis with hyperinflated lungs with left LZ consolidation
ILD,rt side Icdt,rn pattern,tb,
COPD acute exacerbation, It lower lobe consolidation probably pneumonia. Just keep LVF leading to pulmonary oedema as DD need immediate respiratory support
Scoliosis with b/l reticulonodular pattern suggestive of ild with pneumothorax rt, ICD in situ , control hypertension
Trachea deviated to Rt . Military mottling seen over both Lung fields. Cupola at same level . Cavity lower zone L.
? H/o exposure to Silica dust? Could be a case of silicosis with acute exacerbation. Classic Angel Sign positive.
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