a 35 year old male reported with swelling over left lower face involving lower lip, chin, lower jaw for last 5 years......diagnosis please


The lower incisors appear to have migrated.. Indicating underlying bony pathology . We need opg or more definitive cbct or ct for treatment planning . Since its present for 5 years and the spacing can be a normal entity.., without pain and symptomatic complaints from patient (or els he wouldn't have wait for 5 years to seek assistance ) ., after ruling out bony pathology - I might give a differential diagnosis of NEUROFIBROMA ., would ask for a biopsy and further planning later
Identification for the feeder will be in vain! I would suggest external carotid artery ligation sparing superior thyroid artery, and go for removal of this vascular lesion. Another management is embolisation followed by 48 hr wait period n resection, bur this required identification of feeders, which r numerous in this case.. I would prefer external carotid artery ligation followed by excision of the vascular mass
definitely this one is a troublesome case need multi disciplinary approach......I also prefer first embolization followed by resection .....but the question is what to resect .........????? whole lesion ie lower lip, lower jaw with whole soft tissue envelope.....comment awaited

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Go for a CT scan doc. I would vote for ameloblastoma as a differential.
radiograph is very surprising......I shall wait for some more guesses
don't ligate needs radio embolisation after embol
residual mass can be ligated and excised
ameloblastoma.... admantinoma in tibial tubercle
Radiographs are required. Adamantinoma ?
mandibular tumour ameloblastoma,cyst
upload radiographs
is it sir?
u read previous conversation
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