39 yrs male pt c/o itching since 2 yrs. P/o insects bite 2yr back. No h/o DM. What is the diagnosis and treatment.


Dr Ruhi This condition is called Lichen amyloidosis . It presents as intensely pruritic, red-brown hyperkeratotic papules most commonly seen on the pretibial surfaces extending to the ankles and feet. Treatment : Moisturising cream Cotaryl or moisturex cream in morning Clobetasol with salicylic acid ointment Apply within the lesion in Night Antihistamines of your choice Moisturising soap Casil or aquasoft soap Surgical : Co2 laser ablation Dermabrasion.
It will take 3 to 4 months to improve. Night clobetasol combination if applied under occlusion gives faster recovery.

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use of the most popular Ayurveda medicine 1 tab Gandhak rasayan vati two bd 2 tab arogay verdhni vati two bd 3 syp khadirarisht 10 ml two times 4 sheikh pachan churan one tea spon ate night with warm water 5 aap yeh powder bana lo our one tea spon two times daily with water 1 30gm kalonji 30 gm chirayta 30 gm kutki 30gm neem ki patti 30 gm sudh gandhak 10 gm khana soda sab ko milakar powder bana lo our one tea spon two times daily with water bina namak k besan ki rooti khao six months tak
I dont think this condition occurred due to insect bite.... Agree with Dr. Avitus with his perfect guidelines... According to ayurveda we we will diagnose this case as pitika.... Which having involvement of all Tridosha.... Agree with Dr. Anant and Dr. Manoj for Raktamokshana, definitely patient will improve within 5-6 sittings.... Along with this i would like to suggest - Arogyavardhini Vati 1 tab BD - Khadiradi Vati 1 tab BD - Gandhak Rasayan 2 tab BD -Mahamanjishthadi Kashaya 10ml BD as an Anupana of Vatis. Swanubhoot yoga of Avipattikar Churna 50gm + Chopchinyadi Churna 30gm + Giloy Satva 10gm + Haridra Khand 60gm + Rasa Manikya 5gm + Abhrak Bhasma 10gm = 3gm BD with luke warm water. - Local application of Panchanimbadi tailam + Mahamarichyadi tailam at night. Must avoid pitta vardhak ahar vihar. Must drink adequate quantity of water. Must take balanced diet. Plan a diet according to Prakriti and Roga rogi bala.
what's the relevance of khadiradivati In this case. this medicine used in laryngitis fever sore throat or any condition related to upper respiratory tract infection
lichen Amyloidosis
According to my views it's seboric dermatitis. plz keep in mind this condition developed due to insect bit. Rx. Use Cupping therapy (Hijamah) for detox, or u may use leech therapy for detox, blood purification. Tab. Purim (Himalaya) tds Tab. majoon ushba use with leuk warm water or milk after lunch one tsp full. last any antihistaminic medicine.eg.levocitriz bd dose I sure u will get 50% result just after Cupping.
rakt mokshan with jaloka 3time s in a week vidangadi vati 2tab twice in a day rasmanikya135mg with prawal pisti65mg with hunny mahamangistadi qwath 2tsp bd mahaneembadi tail for locally apply 20days n repeat for next 20days thanks n regards
Take... Tab.... Mahamanjisthadi ghan vati...2+2+2. Gandhak Rasayan vati.,2+2 . after meals.. Tab...Allerin....2+2+2. Tab...Dhatrinisha....2+2+2.. or...Haridrakhand....2+2+2. Use Allovera gel for local application. Pranayam is most useful
pancha tictha muggulu ghrutham 3gms two times with milk and Tab. arogya vardani vati. 1 bid, Tab. seethamsu ras 2 bid, external application of itchabhedi ras, it's enough for 2 months course.
muggulu not it's guggulu
banana paste use twice a day and wash after 2 hour with work water and use bisamarichyadi Tail for 15 day oral panchanga tilts grits guggulu.
ask to cleen d area wth neem kwath and give some blood purifier like Raktdoshantk kwath or khadirasav internally
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