Baby 29 days old. Mother complain of abrupt onset of fever n rash over lip n on lower extremities . Rash is scaly I think it's sss or Steven Johnson.



You need a preceding drug history to diagnose Steven Johnson syndrome. ..SSSS or even TEN could be present characterised by absence of mucosal involvement. That is why I asked for history and clinical photos ..

Impetigo dd herpes labialis oint fucidin bd

In dermatitis fever n diarrhea occur I forgot to mention diarrhea

Sir I gave vancomycine n I refer that pt ti higher center bcoz I was not sure I can't handle that baby so just initially I just added vancomycine.

I agree with yuvraj sir

Which drugs given? Maybe viral.

N it was too difficult to take small baby's vein I took 15 min to search hats off to pediatric doctora

I agree with Dr Yuvraj

It could be SSS but need to rule out Erysepelas- Strepto coccal infection

Yeah. . its definitely staphylococcus infection. .and can progress to SSSS I'd not treated early. . may warrant systemic iv antibiotics

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