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atopic dermatitis

Baby of 5 month having macular eruption over face nd some papular eruption Duration 1month ?? Atopic dermatitis or ?? Seborrheic dermatitis or any D/d


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It’s atopic contact dermatitis Rx low potency hydrocortisone oint

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I strongly disagree. It's Lichen spinulosus. If its anything else.....prove it. Grouped papular eruptions with with faint hypopigmentation surrounding the area favours it. Atopic dermatitis never has such presentation. Besides baby will be restless, itching, scratching and excoriations. Though concluded answer was decided. Recap it. Its better to be corrected than left. Will always help curofy community. Pediatric dermatology book always help. Its one of the common conditions seen in wards

Treatment for this condition sir?

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Atopic dermatitis Firstly Excessive use of good quality emollient (moisturiser) use rule of 3 emollient use within 3minutes just after bath with Luke warm water Antihistamine once a day On hypopigmented patches use mild steroid hydrocortisone 1% if needed Multivitamin Exclusive breast feeding by mother when 6 months completed weaning start and maintain hydration Maintain hygiene


Tnx Dr Amitabha Dasgupta

Lichen spinolusus Self cure

It’s atopic contact dermatitis Rx low potency hydrocortisone oint

Thank you doctor

Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis skin care clean skin regularly antibiotics gel and oral antihistamines syrup protection against dust particles and light sun light UV radiation

Treatment are 1. Mahamaghishtadi ark 15ml bd 2. Panch tikt ghrit guguul 2bd 3. Sodhit gandhak 10gm + Rashmadikya 10gm Mix with each and make 40 dose 1dose bd 5. Gandhak drav Or mahamarichyadi oil for local application

Atopic dermatitis

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