48 yrs old lady ,normotensive Normal thyroid function. Previous 2 LSCS She is in menopausal age Before 10 yrs she has taken some Tt for increasing weight, as she was skinny earlier. At present she has pain & massive increase in size of the breasts since one year. She is non DM Mammography normal She is insisting for non surgical Tt So please highlight on the Tt.


A case of benign hypertrophy of breasts due to histological response to female hormones. No medical treatment is satisfactory. Reduction mammoplasty is the only treatment available
Better to investigate for serum tsh prolactin and other estrogen levels. CT MRI brain if needed.

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Mam take details of what trt she took for weight gain. For her present problem give her PRIMOSA,vit E,and DANAZOL 100 bd and tight support. Mild analgesics.
Main problem with Danazol is androgenic side effects like weight gain, acne ,metabolic syndrome so better not to use.

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Please ask for whether pt. is on antihypertensive, antipsychotic drugs, antacids drugs. Get done Renal function tests, serum prolactin sos CT/ MRI brain & treat accordingly on medicines , psychotherapy & dopamine agonists.
No she is not taking any medicines at present.

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Estrogen ? High estrogen cause breast or endometrial carcinoma according to National Cancer institute
I was having a similar patient, got good results with cabgolin and micronutrients.
No satisfactory treatment available reassurance and. Conservative therapy
Exclude adrenal hypercorticalism by us scan. Diet comtroll. Yoga etc.
some pectoral exercises. fatless diet. Reduction mammoplasty.
Vitamin E Primosa Danazol BD Reassurance counseling
@Dr. Shital Jadhav
Reduction mammoplasty is only treatement sir, i agree with yograj sir nicely explained by him.
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