plz advice me her best treatment

Back pain Age 27 Femal patient Chief Complaints Patient haiving serious back pain Blood investigation done are Uric acid = 2.9 Ra factor = 22.5 Rbs = 119 Createnin = 1.3 Cbc = normal Treatment given Etricoxib 90 tab bd Gabapen nt tab od Gencal. D3 cap. od Pan. 40. Tab. od Rashmadi kada. 20 ml tds Singhnad guggul. 2 tab tds

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Rx myostal oil extl Burcalvin cap bid (,avn labs) Sameerapannaga Ra's with honey Varunadi kashyam bid Advice him bed rest Pathya acc to vatavyadhi

Giloy ghanvati 1BD Ashwgandha tab 2 BD Rasnadi guggul 2BD Shunthi himej tab 1BD for 2 to 3 week bonny oil for local application

What about her menses in terms of regularity, amount, duration and all.

On time , for five days ,normal bleeding

Vat rect acid ok kro

Ok ho jatti h on line s k. 9882266712

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