Hello drs.. i m attaching a sperm analysis report of 26 yr old male got married in 2014 and having no child. Body type slim Alcohalic smoging Chwing Tobacco Non veggi. Taking some desi nushke by Magical practicinor... plz suggest best ayurveda treatment.


Pdrs 0f following Ashwagandha Shatawar Safed Moosali Konch beej Gokhru Mix well & take 3gm twice daily. Shuddh kuchla + vang bhasma + lauh bhasma +Prawal bhasma be mixed with malai and taken twice.
Agree sir nice combination fr ptn. He must change the dietry scheduled for better result

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Hello Dr. S Kashyap Your patient are suffering from Oligoteratoasthenozospermia. I would like to suggest just a simple Formula Kakda Singhi Powder 100 gms Konch Beej Powder 200 gms Misri 50 gms Mix together and give him 10 gms along with Milk twice a day. He become a fertile with in one month. Thanks
Sir ji nice prescription

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Advice to avoid tobacco Eat healthy food Take milk with ashwaghanda and shatavari mall Shilajit cap and well balance diet with ghee eat fruits green vegetable and dry fruits
Thnk u sir
You approach to your patient for two type treatment ,First Diet and then Medicine. Now we discuss First on Diet.... First ask him avoid Tobbaco and Samoking and after this suggest to your patient that Sleep early and also get up early about 5 to 6 o'clock . And Healthy food take necessary which is Fresh Vegetables and all colourful vegetable eat necessary. After that you start treatment with Medicine which include #Kakda singhi+Asgandh nagori+Konch beech. You make fine powder of all above three herbs and give to patient 10gm. with milk BD, 1hour after meal.
Majun muqaviye bah5mg2times a day Sufufe Aslusus 5mg 2times a day Four or five chuare boliled with halfLitermilk at night then take next early morning ,continue this ttone month
Tab-Spemen 2 Tab BD Kakda singhi 100 gms + konch beej pwdr 200 GM's+mishri50 gms All powder mix and take this leukewarm milk 10 gms BD And avoid junk food, alcohol, smoking
Thnk u sir
Sir first avoid alcohol and smoking, Tab ashwaganda 2 bid Cap spermon 2bid Musali+mandukapurni+ ashwaganda avlehya for 2 to 3 monts
Tab Speemen 2 tabs bd Till active sperm count raises near 50%active Precautions are strictly. Avoid smoking. Alcohol
Thnk u sir
Aswagandha+musali with milk Siddamakaradwaja with honey Avoid smoiking e.t.c Advice kapalabhathi Nutritional food
Sukraballav bati 2tabs twice daily after tiffin.Vita- x( Gold) one tab with milk at bed time.
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