pt of age 59 yrs suffrering skin disease with symptoms of itching, burning sensation allover body since 7months. He says it agreevates in sunlight. He was conductor in bus after retirement started farming in his farm.. i thought it might be sun allergy or pesticide allergy but actually if had sun allergy it shld b from his childhood and he also do not spray pesticides himself in farm...i am having queiry in it scabies? plz suggest me diagnosis and treatment friends.....


lichenoid pmle
PMLE 1.Avoid exposure to sunlight esp.between 10 to 4 when sunrays are strongest. 2.Wear Sun protective clothes...long sleeved. Wear broad brimmed hat over head. 3.Use sunscreen lotion SPF 30 ,apply one hour before going out in sunny day ,repeat application after 6 hours. 4.Orally antihistaminic. 5.Locally mid potent steroid cream. 6.Orally Hydroxychloroquine tablets. PMLE is related to an immune system reaction in the skin n can happen anytime in your life when your immune system is low.
Plaque type of PMLE. Excoraiations seen the patches shows itching is present hence Hansen is ruled out.
irritant contact dermatitis / rule out hensens disease
Rule out leprosy 1st DD PMLE
Irritant contact dermatitis
? Hansen's disease
Lichenoid pmle
PMLE Usually self limiting Avoid exposure to sun light Sun screen lotion Antihistamine Corticosteroids may be prescribed in difficult cases.
Irritant contact dermatitis give oral steroid and also topical antihistamines od hs and avoid sun exposure
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