Best agent to control increased frequency of stools in a Dengue patient?


Rifaximin 400 mg t.d.s as it is not absorbed in the body A pre - prebiotic and Tab Racecadotril × 8 hourly as it is only anti - secretory and not an anti - motility agent Loperamide should not be used

Sir, can we give both Racecadotril and Rifaximin??

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I prefer imodium 250mg 1tds or Rifaximin+meteronidazole

Thanx dr Ajeet Singh

Tab Rifaximin tds Tab redotil tds

I am agree with@Dr. Parveen Yograj Sir.

Rifaximin 400, with continuous treatment for dengue with proper hydration if necessary antisecrtary agents like octreotide can be given.

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