Blood in stool abdominal tenderness

4 years child comes in opd with compalain of Blood in stool and abdominal pain Chief Complaints Pain and bloof in stool History History of taking aceclofenac and pcm combination in syrup along with metro+oflo suspension from nearest clinic but condition not wrost Physical Examination Crying Stool frequency 4/5 times a day Consistency: somewhat loose Age : 4 years Investigations Nad Diagnosis AGE?? Management Need to be discuss!!!


It’s Bacillary dysentery, Aceclo +PCM , may cause Gastritis not Blood in stool Rx Cefexime-10 mg/kg in 2 divided doses + Dioff-M DS 1/2 bid, + Meftal spas syrup 1/2 tsf 3 times

Thank you doctor.

It's Dysentry Give cefexime ( 10 mg / kg ) in 2 divided doses for 5 days For pain abdomen you can give Meftagesic Syrup or Syrup colimax Give entroflora susp 1 BD for 3 days Tab. Lanzole junr (15 mg ) 1 OD for 3 days ORS Syp. Zinc 5 ml OD for 14 days .

Thank you doctor.

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