C/o 60 yr female patient with itching present in all over the body, increase in nt, loss f sleep due to itching Past his: insect bite on ryt ankle joint which is the reason for itching in all over the body, oozing ( itching increase in full moon day and no moon day) since 6 months. What is the diagnosis and medicine plz provide management.



Eczema Rx Psorinum 1M

Eczema Panchatikta Ghrita Guggula Gandhaka Rasayanam Khadiradi Vatii Aarogyavardhini vardhini vati Krumikuthaar Rasa Rakthadoshantaka kwatha Avipattikar choornam Cutis cream for local application

Vicharchika.... In Ayurveda we have concept of Gara Visha, we need to advice for Shodhan Karma to detoxify the patient.... I agree with line of treatment advised by @Dr. Ashish Deshpande sir But better to go with Panchakarma before that....

Can use leech tharapy... ?

Wet Eczema . Tab Arogya Vardhini 1bd Barphani Cream TDs. 2nd--NonHealing Ulcer--Barphani Cream. Cream is available at--DKMedical Opposite KTHMCollage Gangapur. Road Nashik. Maharashtra.

Wet eczema. Sulphur 200 in early morning for 7 days.. Graphities 200 + Ledam pal 200 two times In a day, Silecia 10 M single dose... Graphities ointment applied Externally..

What the hell is this a homeopathy... Single dose and minimum dose...

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Eczema Rasmanikya,gandhak rasayan, prawal pisti,Tamra bhasm Neemghan vati arogyavardhani, kaishor guggul mahamanjistharist, somraji tail for local application

Its wet eczema virechana with argvadadi kashaya daily is beneficial chakramarda oil for application ghamdaka rasayan kutajaghan vati and mahamanjestadi qwath

Full moon and new moon < 1. APIs Mel . 2. Ars alb. 3 .LYC .4. Phos. 5. Puls. 6. Sul. Select according to symptoms.

Gandhak rasayan Panchtiktghrit guggulu Arogyavardhini vati Avipattikar churna Khadirarishta. Cutis cream l/a

Pantaderm plus cream candiforce 200m.g 7cap daily one emsone d tab 6daily two cetriz tab daily one bed time

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