c/o itching since 8 months the hard lesion rises in area treated with clobetasol + salicyclic acid is it hyper keryotosis?



Irritatant eczematous dermatitis Cream. Wanita Tab. Zamflex Tab. Alvita

lichen simples chronicus . just give intralesion steriod of triamcinolone ever 20 days 10 mg . and start with omnacirtil 20 mg for seven daysand tapper and anti histamine . yea use halobet with salicylic 6 per ointment. bd

LSC Tab fexofinadine Clobetasol oint LA Orally Steroids ND tapper off gradually Multivitamin n Antioxidants orally Maintain proper hygiene

Lichen simplex chronicus. Intralesional steroids would give good response

It's lichen planus

lichen simplex chronicus

Lichen simples chronicus.

lichen simplex chronicus moistDer cream twice daily counseling the patient not to scratch it ,halovate s ointment twice daily for 2 weeks ,intralesional steroid at a gap of 3 weeks gIves a faster relief , antihistaminE's to relieve itching

lsc..salicylic acid with steroids application..ils can b given.

lichen simplex to be treated with steroid locally

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Hypertrophic Lichen planus

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