c/o pain and itching since 5days and this type of skin lesion since 2 months comment on line of treatment taken candid b oint 2months back for the same self treatment by herself then reduce and now again increasing



Looking at pictures it seems to be c/o chr eczematousdermititis foot with sec inf.you must have mentioned his bsl pain is due to sec inf give antibiotic like Amoxyclav625mg 1x2times for5days local oint fucibact oint twice daily once the inf subsides start rx for main disease salicur 6 % oint twice dailyfor 15days add antiallergic for itching

Thanx dr Ashok Leel

Eczematous dermatitis Cream. Baclate GM Tab. BNF Tab. Symfine



Tnx Dr Ashok Leel sir

✔Fungal infection with toynail Tx Antifungal tab and ointment

Plantar Eczema( ACD)with sec.Bacteria infection.

Planter ECZEMA


Fungal infection. Give anti fungal Tab. & ointment locally.

Inf credit taenia pedis infection / adv shower wearing rubber thongs not bear foot / asinf from wet bathroom floor / fluclox 250 mgs qid x5 days / mupirocin cream apply nocte / terbinifine cream apply day / itraconazole tabs 500 mgs nocte x 1 month / powder in between with antifungal fungal powder to keep area dry

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