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Blood disorders

18 days old female having bright red colored blood oozing from umbilical stumps x 1 day, cord fall 3 days back...cbc:6.7/7900/4.1lac...crp:1.1, sgpt n creat normal PT/INR::>60SEC/>5.O....APTT:: 63 CONTROL 27......Hemodynamically bleeding from other +ve family history.....DIAGNOSIS????

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Haemorrhagic disease of newborn
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Late onset hemorrhagic disease of newborn. Give vit k n fresh frozen plasma transfusion. Check hemoglobin level too. As the platelet level are normal. Patient isn't dic.
Why Pt n inr too much prolonged?

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HDN with anaemia. Adv for urgent FFP and PRBC transfusion, inj vit k 2mg od for 5days, IvIg, monitor for PT/INR level, USG brain, G6PD, watch for signs of shock and dustress
Watch for ich

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Haemorrhagic disease of newborn