A 12 year old school girl came with Vidradhi just behind the right ear since a week, consulted local physician but didn't get relief, not having prescription or any left out medicines.... Few days before @Dr. Amitkumar Rai sir got a similar case and done the Chedana and Visravana (I&D) followed by shaman aushadhi as we have discussed.... I am also planning the same.... Tomorrow I have planned the I&D (Chedana and Visravana), Please give your valuable inputs/suggestions/precautions etc....


I think your decision for doing chedana and visravana Is absolutely fine and no need of antibiotics provision Just advise parents for ahaar -and give Kanchnar guggal Maha manjisthadi kadha and if fever comes after chedana Add satva giloy.GO Ahead I’m sure you will get good results.
Nice .and can add step cap too
Abcess I&D
Before chedan cover her with antibiotics eg.Cap Mox 250mg tds for 5days. Then go for chedan &use shodhan madhu pattika for 4days &then ropan tail pattika till the wound heals complitely.
Why to give antibiotics? It will heal naturally with Ayurvedic Management.....

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Kanchanar guggul 1 BD kaishor guggul 1 BD panchtikat ghrit guggul 1 BD Gandhak rashayan 1 BD with sarivadya rist 20 ml with warm water BD N apply Jatyadi ghrit piuchu dressing.
Sir Heper sulph 6or 30 two hourly with calendula q lotion wash locally dressing also may not require surgery
Thank you doctor
May be sebaceous gland, if you want open remove sebaceous sac. Otherwise usual treatment will do. Thank GOD.
dx Abcess rx Silicea 30 tds &Calendula spray for cleaning , Echinacea oint L/A.
In Homoeopathy we can prescribe silicea or heper sulp according to symptoms
Tissue infection heper sulf 30 tds 7 days 200 bd for 10 days 200 1m single
Itself I&D Is Good Dicision Kindly adviced to send pus for culture report
No sir, why to waste unnecessary money....

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