swelling tooth caries and swelling over frontal area of head


The clinical picture in the photograph shows these two swellings are different origin.Swelling in the frontal region not due to sinusutis,it may be normal or osteomas.You won't mention about the tenderness,consistancy.Better do ct pns with limited brain cuts.As far as swelling in rt cheek concerned may be it is dental origin.One more point is frontal blossom is seen in bleeding disorders.
this is due to infection which follow from the floor of maxillary sinus..first give the antibiotics prophylaxis then open the tooth n remove the etiology of the invloved tooth.. .this infection can take near about 7days to cure under antibotic prophylaxis...gave amox + clav tds
If there is involved tooth then might possible that infection has spread from maxillary sinus to frontal sinus. If tooth is in condition that access opening can be performed then under antibiotic coverage do the opening. Kindly provide xray
this case may be of dental carries along with infected case of maxillary sinus polyp extending to frontal sinus,,, a good xray of PNS view reveals the diagnosis..
would go for a ct pns for prov diag... dd frontal mucocoele, plz confirm tooth caries position coz swelling looks more in d lower jaw
pl provide dental radiograph. rt side of face swelling due to dental infection or sinusitis means infection frontal sinusitis. give proper medicines
plz get an opg done, most probably the pns are involved due to the upper E infection....regards
acute maxillary and frontal sinusitis may be as a consequence of dental root infection
Involved infected tooth which has spread to frontal sinus.
frontal sinusitis treat with antibiotics drainage later on
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