CA Breast in Male.

CA Breast In Male Chief Complaints CA Breast. A 75 yr old male attended Mopd with reports showing raised FBS. O/E I noticed necrotizing lump over chest since 10 yrs. He showed me reports suggestive of CA Breast. But since 3 months he has lump over left inguinal region, cough impulse is absent. Also lump over both Tibia. He is also having Eczema over legs. Also pt is having unilateral pill rolling movement of finger along with stopped posture and mask like face, diminished arm swing and short steps with features of Bradykinesia. Likely to be Parkinson's disease.



Order of treatment depends on the IHC reports, surgery, Chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Do the trucut biopsy of the lump with Er,PR,Her2Neu status and Ki67%... Based on the report the treatment... Since pectoral muscle is involved will need radical mastectomy and flap cover for the defect..

Ca Brest. With secondry infection

phylloid tumor of breast Radical mastectomy of right breast Usg of ingunial region As it is suspected of hernia in pet scan Clinic dignosis should made for hernia & parkinson Most not suspecting of metastatic

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Locally advanced Breast carcinoma Treatment options would be MRM + AD followed by adjuvant chemotherapy and radiotherapy Also status of ER/PR/Her 2 neu to decide on monoclonal antibody and hormonal treatment Assess the patient fitness before treatment

Metabolically active malignant breast CA Eczematous lesions on legs may be a/w regional lymphadenopathy in inguinal region as FDG uptake is not seen in inguinal glands Pin rolling movements with dyskinesia yes could be Parkinson's Radical mastectomy with chemoradiotherapy Lymphnode biopsy for metastasis Eczematous dermititis to be treated with lobate-s oint Antiallergics Antibiotics for infection

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As u mentioned any lumps fir three months, needs to exclude Mets, by fnac or imaging, also for suspected pkn D's subject to MRI brain

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