Can a breastfeeding women take covishield vaccine...whos twin babies are 13 month old...?


Senior citizens, people with frail immunity, pregnant women and those who have just given birth fall under the same category. However, pregnant women and breastfeeding moms may not get a chance to get a COVID vaccine right now, as per a decision which has erupted debated across the globe and could leave hundreds of thousands of women unprotected.

Yes, can take vaccine. Just check her sugar and CRP.

Lactating means NO

Thanks Dr.Dinesh Gupta, Dr. Irfan Khan

Safety is not yet established


No Not at all. pregnancy and lactation women r strictly under contraindications to covishield and covaxin vaccination. No use of taking risks.

Thanks for ur Appreciation Dr Vipin Jain sir..

Yes No Contraindications

कह नहीं सकते

Vaccination can be done in such case.